VM for research

TeaCamp partnership developed TeaCamp scenarios.

Some scenarios have been dedicated for research.

Virtual mobility for young researchers in social networks (JYU) (pdf) was created by the Finnish partners from Jyvaskyla University.

Innovation Centre of University of Oviedo (Spain) has created 2 scenarious of virtual mobility - one for researchers and other for teaching and learning - Virtual mobility Administration (UO) (pdf).

TeaCamp scenarios serve the role of guidance for implementation of virtual mobility in higher education institutions. Having analyse the practices and needs among European education institutions, it was noticed that institutions have very limited knowledge and understanding how virtual mobility can be helpful for research organization within education institutions.

TeaCamp research has also been implemented using TeaCamp virtual campus.

Research methodology involved all consortium members to participate in research, and TeaCamp case ensured virtual mobility case researched via virtual mobility tools.

Research results are published and are available at this website.


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