TeaCamp Scenarios

TeaCamp partnership decided during the Kick-off meeting to develop TeaCamp scenarios - descriptions of a (future) real-life situation describing the key aspects - which would guide partners in implementation of work packages and development of TeaCamp outputs.

Some background was provided by University of Jyvaskyla on scenario application:

Partners agreed to develop scenarios on the following topics:

HEQEC will implement SWOT of scenarios (pdf)
TeaCamp scenarios will serve the role of guidance for implementation of WPs. They will remain open and flexible, but milestones for:
- WP2 - identification of missing institutional regulations at academic institutions for scenario implementation
- WP3 - TeaCamp function development and updating
- WP4 - Curriculum development with the variaty of study organization methods
- WP5 - research object identification and research optimisation, application of variety of research methodology and tools
- WP7 - exploitation of existing and designing future scenarios for TeaCamp exploitation.