Report (delivered at Riga Stradins University on 08.04.2010.): "Safety in the system of public aims", Juris Dzelme and Ivars Linde. The report contains information about the project TeaCamp.

Information about TeaCamp has been disseminated at Accreditation Commision meeting in Riga (Latvia) on 02.06.10. Accreditation Commission consists of 11 members. They and some other people received booklets about TeaCamp from Juris Dzelme.

2010 May 12 – 14. Aveiro partners meeting

  • On September 9-10 2010 there was
    TeaCamp partners meeting in Oviedo, Spain
  • On May 12-14th, 2010 there was TeaCamp
    partners' meeting in Aveiro, Portugal
  • TeaCamp kick-off partners' meeting in Vilnius,
    Lithuania on October 30-31st, 2009