International Erasmus Virtual mobility sessions

International Erasmus Virtual Mobility sessions start on September 24, 2010 organized by five European Universities:
•    Department of Education at Vytautas Magnus University (Lithuania) - coordinating institution
•    Innovation Centre of University of Oviedo (Spain)
•    Jyvaskyla University (Finland)
•    Jagellonian University (Poland)
•    University of Aveiro (Portugal)
•    And Baltic Education Technology Institute in Lithuania

in the framework of LLP Erasmus VC project TeaCamp - Teacher Virtual Campus: Research, Practice, Apply.
Higher education institutions from 5 partner countries designed one international study module "Virtual Learning in Higher Education" and now start international studies using TeaCamp Moodle virtual learning environment ( and video conferencing sessions. Virtual mobility session participants also join comparative research process on evaluation of virtual mobility phenomenon. Research results will be published in 2011.

Teachers, trainers and researchers can join virtual community at TeaCamp virtual campus ( if they want to design curriculum for virtual mobility as well as discuss, analyse and research virtual mobility issues.